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Opción ------------------ Formation / Professional Experience

Degree in Law University of A Coruña and Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in the speciality of Administrative law, Doctorate courses. Lawyer Nº 4.184 A Coruña Bar Association. Graduate at Legal Practice School "Decano Iglesias Corral" of A Coruña Bar Association. Member of A Coruña Bar association Administrative law Section and Forum of Administrative Debate. Qualified Assurances mediator N º 332 registered in the Mediators' Record of the Autonomous government of Galicia.  Lawyer at Bureau Carlos Martínez and Partners S.C. (Iberforo), in the areas of administrative, civil and mercantile law. General and co-founding Secretary of the Arbitration, Mediation and Equity Galician Association. Coordinator of the Galician Bar Association Section of Arbitration web and of the Galician Observatory of Arbitration. Speaker at the Legal Practice School of Santiago de Compostela (EPX-USC). Seminar: Arbitration, and consumer rights. Telecommunications. (May, 2007). Communications to the Green Paper on the Review of the Consumer Acquis 2007. Headquarter of Health and Protection of the Consumers European Commission. "Response to the Green Paper on the Review of Consumer Acquis ". 1st Amando Losada Award (3 ª Edition), with the doctrinal article "The consumer commpanies and the Law 23/2003, on guarantees in the sale of good for consume". Author of doctrinal articles and opinions and legal columnist in different magazines and juridical and economic, Spanish and foreign publications (businessmen's Agrela Association of A Coruña, Leggio Publications, ARyME, Servilex, Negocyar), specially in areas of arbitration, consumption, administrative law, Internet and telecommunications.

Opción ------------------ Legal Practices

Arbitration and procedures ADR. Judicial and extrajudicial advice and defense.  Arbitrations ad hoc. Civil and Commecial law Property in condominium. Communities of proprietors. Legal advice, resolution of conflicts, not spoiled works, common elements, etc. Reports and legal opinions. Administrative law. Consumption and guarantees. Classified activities (Troublesome, unhealthy, harmful and dangerous), sanctioning procedures. Consumption. Advice and consumers' defense: claims and arbitration. Contracting. Practices and improper clauses.


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